What is Pittsburg Power Company? Pittsburg Power Company (PPC) is a California municipal Joint Powers Agency (“JPA”) established in 1997 between the City of Pittsburg and the City’s Redevelopment Agency.  As a California JPA, Pittsburg Power Company (“PPC”) performs as an electric and natural gas municipal utility, with the authority to provide wholesale and retail electric and gas utility services under authorized franchise agreements within California. Pittsburg Power Company works to aggressively pursue regional energy projects while diligently working with local industrial and commercial companies and entrepreneurs to promote new power generation technologies, renewable energy resources, and other unique energy project applications. To learn more about Pittsburg Power Company, please click on the links below:

Island Energy

The Owner-Operator of Island Energy, providing strategic management and supervision of Island Energy's operations.

Energy Projects & Economic Development

Pittsburg Power Company is aggressive in both identifying and participating in new, energy related business opportunities.

The Future of PPC

In addition to promoting the growth and viability of Island Energy, PPC continues to aggressively pursue regional energy proj

Future Build East County

Managing partner for Future Build East County's pre-apprenticeship training program