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Shortly after Pittsburg Power Company establishment in 1997, the US Navy awarded PPC a franchise service agreement to provide electric and natural gas retail services on Mare Island, a decommissioned US Navy base and part of the City of Vallejo.   The franchise service agreement included the granting of easements for buildings, electric and gas equipment and the related infrastructure necessary to provide utility service on Mare Island.


In a special arrangement, Pittsburg Power Company established and does business as “Island Energy” on Mare Island. Island Energy has been providing Mare Island customers reliable electric and gas services at competitive pricing for over 12 years.


In an ongoing effort to attract new residential, commercial and industrial businesses to Mare Island, Island Energy has strived to keep rates competitive and flexible in its rate structures.  Historically, businesses have benefited in locating on the Island receiving lower utility rates than those provided in other locations in the surrounding Bay Area.  Today, numerous businesses of varying types operate on Mare Island.  Some businesses are planning to expand current operations.  This economic growth is supported and encouraged by Island Energy and eagerly awaited by the Mare Island community.


Island Energy also plays an important role in promoting Mare Island’s prosperity within the community by sponsoring local community organizations, such as sponsorship of the Global Center for Success and other local organizations.


Under the coordinated efforts of Lennar Mare Island, the Island’s Master Developer, Mare Island has evolved into a thriving and economically diverse development community with over 250 new families and approximately 100 industrial and commercial businesses now located on the Island.  It is estimated that more than 1,200 single-family homes and a myriad of commercial and industrial enterprises will be built on Mare Island in the near future.


Island Energy continues to support and encourage an economically strong and vibrant Mare Island community.